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Interensemble - Biography


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Instrument: Ensemble

Since 1983, Interensemble has carried forward both experimental and research-driven music, exploring new frontiers of the music. The activity of the group has by now become a tradition focused on spreading cultured, innovative music as well as pushing the outer limits of twentieth century music through the compositions of the group members themselves.

Interensemble has the unusual yet advantageous ability to interchange numerous instrumental formations within the group itself, allowing them to realize a wider range of repertory. The group can range anywhere from soloist to 10 elements or more, with the possibility of unique modifications and integration. Classic formations are also used, such as the string quartet and the flute-clarinet-violin-cello-piano quintet.

Since it's official debut performance in Cracow, March 1983, Interensemble has traveled abroad on numerous occasions, often as guests of important organizations and festivals, giving concerts and lectureses on the novelties in Italian music. Interensemble has played its music in France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Finland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Rumania, Mexico, USA and others, often presenting works by Italian composers, especially from the Veneto region.
"Among the various trends in Veneto music today exists a microcosm which gathers into one entity the very widest aspects of a typology of music which is still based rigorously on research; yet theirs is a refined research, which allows the emergence of the thought as much as the person, as much as man" (Renzo Cresti).

Interensemble was created out of an independent entity of musical research that focused on the exploration of new ideas, unfettered by links with academia, ideology, or previous compositional and organizational strategies. Founded in 1983 by the Italian composer and pianist, Bernardino Beggio, the group reflected a move towards contemporary music production that had been taking place in the preceding years at the Conservatory of Padua. The validity of this approach was immediately recognized at an international level, and resulted in the group’s first European tours. Not content to focus solely on contemporary sounds, Interensemble’s repertoire has come to include works from many of the major musical movements of the 20th century, from Stravinsky through Cage, Stockhausen, Berio, and Donatoni; from Glass and Reich to Nyman and Piazzolla. The group has also worked extensively in the field of electronic music and has, in fact, organized the Computer Art Festival in Padua since 1984. Interensemble has made frequent appearances on radio and television, has recorded 16 CD’s for a variety of labels, and over the last two decades, has done numerous tours throughout Europe, Africa and North America.

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