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Sabina Meyer
Sabina Meyer - Biography
Zurigo, 1969


E-mail: [email protected]
Lied eines deutschen Mutter (1944)
di H. Eisler

Instrument: Voice
SABINA MEYER - voice, composition, sampler, Theremin.
Born in Zurich, moved to Italy in 1988. Studied Anthropology and Musicology at the Bologna D.A.M.S-University (graduating with full mark and honors). Rather than the orthodox conservatory vocal studies, she prefers a more personal path, following the directions of various teachers of the experimental, improvised and contemporary music as well as research theatre.
Workshops with: Stephan Schulberg (Living-Theatre) 1990; Michiko Hirayama, 1993; Julia Varley (Odin-Teatret) 1994; Amelia Cuni (Indian VocalTradition) 1994/1995; Silvia Pasello (Word and Body) 1995; David Moss (Improvisation)1995; Kevin Crawford, Marie-Paule Marthe, Kaya Anderson (Centre artistique international Roy Hart); Monica Francia and Germana Giannini (Movement and voice) 1996; Novo Front Theater 1996; Andrea De Luca Overtones, 1998; Rena Mirecka (Teatr Laboratorium Grotowski )1999.
She studies singing privatly with Annelise Scherbel (Zurich), Gabriella Bartolomei (Florence), Silvia Bohlen (Bern/Bologna), Michiko Hirayama (Rome).
Accordion, music theory, composition and piano with various teachers .
Since more than ten years she is actively involved in the improvised music scene. As composer and improviser, she also developed a quest in the field of sound poetry with particular attention to the specific issues of the contemporary female poetry. On top of the concert activity, she is also committed to several theatre projects as singer, actress, accordionist .
Theater works:
-Entgrenzen directed by Vincenza Modica, Teatro Nuovo, Napoli 1993.
-Ossessione directed by Marco Manchisi, Teatro San Geminiano, Modena 1993.
-Les Popelicanes directed by Giorgio Degasperi, Theater in der Klemme, Merano 1993. (Finale Selection Premio Scenario).
-Portafortuna directed by Guglielmo Pagnozzi, Aula Absidale Bologna 1994.
-L'urlo directed by Anna Redi, Ferrara Danza 1997. (Finale Selection Premio Scenario).
-Happening alla durata directed by Franco Brambilla, Modena 1997.
-Parsifal piccolo directed by Cesare Ronconi, Teatro Valdoca, Cesena 1998.
-Com'è fatta la terra di mio padre? Collective direction, Sant'arcangelo Festival 1999. (Finale Selection Premio Scenario).
1992 Euduo Original Compositions for theater (Sabina Meyer-voice, accordion, composition; Giorgio Degasperi-clarinetts, percussion, composition).
1993 Dire Gelt Klezmer-Sextett. Concerts all over Italy, Austria, Switzerland Germany. Live sonorization for the silent movie: Jiddishe Glikn, URSS 1925 (Filmpodium, Zurigo 1997) and Menschen am Sonntag, Germany 1929 (Il Cinema ritrovato, Bologna 1998).
1994 Doduorri VocalDuo with the singer Anna Sardo. Experimentation, Improvisation and elaboration of excerpts from Monteverdi, Mozart and Reich.
1998 Trio Purushka Directed by Roberto Leydi. Political Jiddish songs about the Easteuropean Resistance. Pubblication of the Cd E sulla terra faremo libertà. (Sabina Meyer-voice; Guglielmo Pagnozzi-reeds; Giorgio Simbola-guitar).
1998 Hot Azoi Modern approach to jewish music. (Sabina Meyer-voice, arrangements; Guglielmo Pagnozzi-reeds, arrangements; Alberto Capelli-electric guitar; Tito Mangialajo-doublebass; Lorenzo Gasperoni-drums).
1998 Losisa-Trio. Original Compositions and elaboration of excerpts from Zodiacus, K.H. Stockhausen, Rushes, S. Lacy. (Sabina Meyer-voice, Simone Mauri-clarinet, Lorenzo Gasperoni-drums, percussion).
1999 StrixAluco. Adagio per polmone e milza Original Composition by Sabina Meyer and Daniela Cattivelli inspired by the contemporary female poetry.
(Sabina Meyer voice, composition; Daniela Cattivelli- saxophon, composition; Angelo Berardi-violin; Paolo Angeli-electric guitar; Pierangelo Galantino- doublebass; Fabrizio Spera-drums, electronics). (RaiRadio 3, La stanza della musica, 23.6.01).
1999 Meyer-CaricDuo Original Compositions about the Centraleuropean Poetry (Sabina Meyer-voice, accordion, keyboards, amplified objects, cds, composition; Alexander Caric-voice, guitar, mandolin, zither, flutes, amplified objects, composition).
2000 Viktoria Frey Elaboration of Hanns Eislers and Kurt Weills Songs through electroacustic and improvised music (Sabina Meyer-voice, objects; Lauro Rossi-trombone; Fabrizio Puglisi-piano, toys; Fabrizio Spera-drums, electronics).
2001 Mondo RaOrchestra Tribute to Sun Ra. (Sabina Meyer, Mike Cooper -Vocals). (Controindicazioni Festival 2001, RaiRadio 3, 25.10.01).
2002 Loosin Yelav Duo with pianist Michela Caldesi elaboration of selected popular songs from classic academic repertoire. (Folksongs, Luciano Berio, Melodies Ebraiques, Maurice Ravel, SongCycle op.79, Dimitri Shostakovich).
2002 Opera MobileOrchestra Sings as mezzosoprano in a Vocal-quartet as part of an orchestra directed by Tristan Honsinger. Libretto by Ermanno Cavazzoni. (AngelicaFestival 2002).
2002 Amore sings in Duo with viola player Luca Sanzò in Lucia Ronchetti's compositions on Giorgio Manganellis novel. (Le opere e i giorni, Certosa di Padula).
2003 BB improvised music trio with Elio Martusciello (electronics) e Gianni Trovalusci (flutes, electronics).
2003 Artinconcert. NewYork YiddishTheater-repertoire on silent movie directed by Leon Klayman. (Sabina Meyer-voice; Marco Dalpane- piano; Marco Ferrari- clarinet).
2003 I canti del caos Sings together with Michel van Goethem and Elena Arcuri. Music by Nino Locatelli for the theater piece written by Antonio Moresco, directed by Renzo Martinelli. (Sant'Arcangelo festival, 2003)
2003 She is co-founder of IATO-Association for promotion of experimental music.
Future projects:
-Collaboration with Electroacustic Trio Ossatura. Composition and Improvisation on Ingeborg Bachmanns poetry.
-Duo with pianist Antonio Sardi de Letto dedicated to Alban Berg and Viktor Ullmann.
-Duo with pianist Alberto Braida dedicated to american and english composers: John Cage,Christian Wolff, Cornelius Cardew
-Vocal improvisation Trio with Germana Giannini and Andrea de Luca.
-Studies Sequenza III , Luciano Berio and Aria, John Cage guided by Michiko Hirayama.
-Solo on voice, composition, sampler, Theremin, amplified opjects.
She has recently appeared at the following Festivals: Controindicazioni 2001 (Rome), Angelica 2002 (Bologna), RingRing 2002 (Beograd), Interzone 2002 (Novisad), Musique Innovatrices (St. Etienne), CrossroadsFestival 2003 (Bologna), Sant'ArcangeloFestival 2003 (Rimini).
She leads workshops and lections about classical technical as well as experimental and improvised vocalmusic:
Voce Creativa: Workshop about personal and creative development of the voice through classical technique, improvisation and polifonic singing of easteuropean repertoire.
Klezmer!? Workshop in collaboration with various musicians. Work on jiddish songs and studiyng of the jewish Music. Creation of a small Klezmer orchestra.
Il corpo sensibile Workshop in collaboration with dancers. Work on relationship between voice and movement.
She toures with this Workshops all over Italy collaborating with Theatergroups, cultural associations or musicschools.

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