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Damiano Meacci
Damiano Meacci - Biography


E-mail: [email protected]
Musician, researcher and live electronics expert, he fulfilled his studies at the Music Conservatory of Florence and Bologna. Since 1996 he collaborates with Tempo Reale as a member of the production staff; in this context he worked on the production of Berio's last works with electronics at Teatro alla Scala on Milan, Chatelet Theatre in Paris, Queen Elisabeth Hall in London, Ravenna Festival, Carnegie Hall in New York, Kioi Hall in Tokyo and Auditorium in Rome. Still within his cooperation with Tempo Reale he worked on the production of big sound installations and musical events of various nature. He has also collaborated with great national and foreign artists like Battistelli, Jim Black, Uri Caine, Guarnieri, Van Hoecke, Daniele Lombardi, David Moss, Pier'alli, Pousseur and Ronconi and he supervised the performance of works from the greatest composers from the 20th century. During the last years he has been carrying on an intense teaching activity both with Tempo Reale and with other institutions like the Music Conservatory of Bologna. Since academic year 2007/2008 he is teacher of Electronic Music at the Music Conservatory of Avellino.
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