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Carlo Di Giugno - Biography
Napoli, 1976


E-mail: [email protected]
He lived in Paris until 1988 and after having come back to Italy completed his studies obtaining in 1995 a Computer Expert Diploma at I.T.I.S. "F. Giordani" Technical High School of Naples. In 1966 he obtained a diploma of Sound Engineer organised by LOGOS in Pisa. In 1982 he started studying classical piano and in 1992 electric bass. In 1996 he is audio-engineer assistant during live performances and as scientific guide in the Musical Lab at Città della Scienza. In 1996 he started giving training courses in schools and in the Multimedia Lab at Città della Scienza; while working as audio-engineer, he also realizes multimedia products and web-sites. In 2000 he became member of Jumpy website editing team as coordinator of the User Interface group. He realizes a sound spatialisation system in the context of the event "Arazzi in battaglia" at Capodimonte Museum in Naples and a concert for voice and "virtual" orchestra in Alexandria (Egypt) and other Italian venues. In 2000 he took part in MIA1 International Congress "Innovative software for musical composition" at Federico II University of Naples - Mathematics Department. He teaches in the course of new technologies applied on music promoted by RISMA Mathematics Department, University of Naples. He also collaborates to the advanced training course: Audio digital signal processing for musical applications in the context of Bottega Informatica project organised by Federazione Cemat.