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Akiko Kozato
Akiko Kozato - Biography


Instrument: Mezzo-soprano

Akiko Kozato begun her Singing studies at the age of 15. She successfully entered the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, getting her Degree in 1992. She has settled in Italy since 1994; here she is still following specialization classes with Prof. Bianca Maria Casoni. During the autumn 2002 has achieved the Singing Degree at the Conservatory "L. Campiani" in Mantua.
In 2002 she has also attended and got through the specialization classes for Artists at the Scala Theatre's Lyric-Symphonic Choir.
As a solo voice she took part in "Diari di viaggio" (Travel Diaries), scene action by Agon - acustica informatica musica (Agon - acoustics, IT, music) showing at Mittelfest in Cividale del Friuli, 2000 and staged again for the Festival "Regola, gioco", 2000 at Piccolo Teatro - Milano. Again, as solo voice she has taken part in Dario Palermo's Latitudes del Silencio, on March 2002, Teatro Villoresi, Monza and also in the accomplishment of "Cyborg" (for solo voice and audio-video treatment in real time), from an idea of Dario Palermo, Massimo Marchi and Marvin Diese for Agon, Schegge - Exit Trailers, on November 2002, Fastweb Foyer, Franco Parenti Theatre, Milano. In March 2010 she performed a solo voice concert at the festival of contemporary music "5 Giornate per la nuova musica", Milan. The composers Giorgio Colombo Taccani, Maria Radeschi, Reiko Morohashi, Daniele Di Maggio, Dario Palermo have written new works for her.
She won prizes at the International Musical Contest "Giovanni Pavese", Viguzzolo (AL), at Valentino Bucchi Prize - Singing in XX and XXI Centuries, Rome, at 6th International Festival of Salon Romance, Conegliano.
With her composition for women's Choir Toryanse she has been awarded with the "Mention of Honour" at the IX International Composing and Elaboration for Choir Contest in Trento.
In 1993 and 1994 she has been teacher and Conductor for the women's Choir Salvia in Tokyo. Since 2005 she is teacher and Conductor for the women's Choir Fenice (Japanese choir) in Milano.
As an author of lyrics, she has been working with Filippa Giordano ("Il canto della terra" - The Earth's Chant, Japanese version, music by Ennio Morricone), Domino, Dave Rodgers.

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