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Paolo Boggio
Paolo Boggio - Biography
Vercelli, 1964

E-mail: [email protected]
L'Annunciazione (2000)
for orchestra

Frate sole (1998)
for pf., choir, org. and Sopr.

Graduated in Composition and in Music and Choral Conducting at the Conservatory "A.Vivaldi" of Alessandria. He attended the Composition Perfecting Academy "Goffredo Petrassi" in Parma and the Perfecting Academy "Lorenzo Perosi" in Biella with Franco Donatoni. Degreed at the Civic School of Music in Milan with Mauro Bonifacio and Alessandro Solbiati and Perfecting Degree at the National Music Academy "S.Cecilia" in Rome with Azio Corghi.
After a Post Graduate Course in Composition at the Royal College of Music in London, with Edwin Roxburgh and Julian Anderson, he got a PGDip with Distinction mark. In 2011 he gained a Ph.D. (Philosophy Doctorate) in Composition at the Birmingham Conservatoire (Birmingham City University).
Philosophic studies at the Turin University.
He also studied film direction at "Cinelife" center in Milan that produced his short film "Fidelio" (he is co-author, co-director and he wrote also the soundtrack of it).

His eclectic style, free from any dogmatic influence, deliberately fuses “old fashioned” gestures with a taste for parody. Both are absorbed in a dramatic constructivism marked by a Cocteauian aesthetical and ethical “Call to Order”. “La Verità sul Caso Colemar” (“The facts in the case of Mr Colemar”, with a libretto written by the author), an opera dedicated to and based on the figure of the playwright Carmelo Bene, is one of his works that better represents his programmatic intent. The same can be said about a series of orchestral and chamber works dedicated to and inspired by the life and works of the Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka: where expressive and visionary strength coexists with a circus-like taste for the grotesque.

He distinguished in several composition competitions:
- First Prize at the “2013 Garth Newel International Composition Competition” for chamber work (U.S.A., Virginia, 2013) with performance of the work in Hot Springs, Virginia;
- Second Prize at the “1st Karol Szymanowski International Composers Competition for Orchestral Works” (Poland, 2012), with world première of the work by the “Cracow Philharmonic Orchestra” in the 2013-2014 series;
- Second Prize at the “Concorso Internazionale per Composizione Orchestrale Val Tidone – Carella” (Pavia, Italy, May 2011);

- First Prize at the “4th Portland Chamber Music Festival Composers Competition” (2009, Portland, Maine, U.S.) with American première in Portland in August 2009;
- First Prize (ex aequo) at the “2008 Seinäjoki International Composition Competition” (Finland – November 2008) with live broadcasting on the national YLE Radio 1 channel;
- First Prize at the “4th Ivan Spassov Symphonic Orchestra Composition Competition” in Plovdiv (Bulgary – 2007) with a large orchestral work;
- First Prize at the “2007 Left Coast Chamber Ensemble’s Ninth Annual Composition Contest in San Francisco with two performances of the work in San Francisco in March 2007;
- First Prize at the “Second Composition Competition for Opera - Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre” with “La verità sul caso Colemar” ("The facts in the case of Mr Colemar"), chamber opera dedicated to Carmelo Bene on libretto and music by the author and with world première in December 2005 at the Riomaggiore Castle;
- First Prize at the "12th International Competition for Orchestral Composition -Ciutad de Tarragona - 2004" for the large orchestral work "The stained glass island I" with world première in Tarragona in July 2005 by the "Orquestra Simfonica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya" and radio broadcasting of the same work on Radio Nacional de España (in October 2005);
- First Prize at the "2004 Birmingham Chamber Music Society Prize" with a chamber work and world première in January 2005 in Birmingham (UK);
- First Prize at the “XIV International Music Competition Città di Cortemilia” with a large orchestral composition (2006);
- First Prize at the "Trofeo Internazionale Citta' di Casarza Ligure" (2001), with publishing of the work by Berben Publisher;
- First Prize (ex-equo) at the competition "Cinque giovani compositori per il Giubileo" organised by "I Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra" (Milan 2000) with performance of the orchestral work by the "I Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra";
- Secon Prize at the “2006 Sun River Composition Competition” (Chengdu, China) with performance of the work (May 2006);
- Finalist at the Audience Price held by the Brandenburger Symphoniker Orchestra at the Brandenbeurg City Theatre (Germany – October 2006);
- Finalist at the 2nd Brandenburg Biennial Composers Competition with a large orchestral work (Germany - June 2006);
- Selection for the International Composition Competition “Musica Nova 2005” (Checkz Republic) with radiobroadcasting of the work on the Czech National Radio 3 (June 2006);
- Selection for the “2006 Hommage a Bartòk” Competition, held by the Hungarian Radio/Bartòk Ràdiò, with live performance and broadcasting of the work and publication on a CD album produced by the same radio network (May 2006);
- Selection for the “2005 Sligo New Music Festival Competition” for chamber work (April 2005) with performance of the work;
- Finalist at the “9th Tokio International Composition Competition for Chamber Music” wirh a chamber work (January 2005);
- Special Mention of the Judges at the "1st International Composition Competition for Symphonic Orchestra - Eurochestries" (France - April 2004);
- Third Prize at the "8th Tokio Composition Competition for Chamber Music" (January 2004);
- Second Classified at the “11th International Opera Composition Competition -Gino Contilli" for opera with music and libretto by the author (Messina, Italy, November 2003);
- Mention of the Jury at "2003 International Composers Competition Ciutad de Palma", organised in collaboration with the Balearic Orchestra, for an orchestral work;
- First Prize in the "Audience Prize section" at "The Second Seoul International Competition for Composers", with Final and performance of the work (Seoul, South Korea, March 2003);
- Special Mention of the Jury at the "Valentino Bucchi International Prize - Year 2002" for a chamber work;
- "High Commendation" at the "Adrian Cruft composition competition” (Royal College of Music, London, July 2002) for a chamber orchestra work and performance of the work;
- Prize at the "Torneo Internazionale della Musica (TIM)" for an orchestral work (Rome, 2002);
- Finalist at the "Franco Evangelisti Prize" (Rome, 2001) for a chamber work;
- Second Prize at the International Competition "A.Gi.Mus." in Varenna (Como - 2001);
- Third Prize (first prize not given) at the "Valentino Bucchi International Prize, Year 2000" in Rome for an orchestral work;
- Honour Degree at the "Torneo Internazionale della Musica (TIM) - VIII Edition" in Rome (1999).

He was selected for the following international composition workshops: “Red Earth Workshop” in London, with Michael Finnissy and organized in cooperation with the Forum London Chamber Symphony (July 2007); “2005 Compositori a confronto" at the Musical Institute "A.Peri" in Reggio Emilia; "Music Today Workshop - Seoul 2003", organized by the "Korean Society of the 21st Century Music" at the Yonsei University of Seoul; the "35th Research Conference" (2001) organised by the Royal College Association in London.
In 2002 he was invited at the the "Compositori a confronto international seminars" given at the Musical Institute "A.Peri" in Reggio Emilia with the composer Sylvano Bussotti. He was also selected for two workshops held by the "Sinfonia 21" ensemble, at the Royal College of Music of London, with performance of his piece (2002).

One of his chamber works was selected for the “spnm – promoting new music shortlist 2005-2008” (London).

He is co-author and film director of the short film "Fidelio" and he composed also the soundtrack of it. This short film was awarded at the International Prize "Alternative Film Festival" (Pescara, Italy, 2001).

In 1998 he was commissioned by the Cineteca Italiana di Milano to write the music for the silent film "Frate Sole" (1918, film directors: Corsi/Falena).
He was awarded with the Special Mention of the Judges for the soundtrack of the silent film "Frate Sole" (Corsi/Falena - 1918), at the "Rimusicazioni Festival" of Bolzano (2000).

His works have been published by RAI Trade Music Editions and Berben Music Editions.

Some of his works have been selected for the following Festivals:
- “2012 Livorno Music Festival” (Livorno, Italy);
- “4th Portland Chamber Music Festival” (2009, Portland, Maine, U.S.A.);
- “Compositori a Confronto 2008” (Reggio Emilia, Italy, November 2008);
- Left Coast Chamber Ensemble’s Ninth Annual Composition Contest – San Francisco (with performance in March 2007);
- “All Ears Contemporary Music Festival” (London, October 2007);
- “MOVIEmento Festival” (Naples, June 2007);
- “Tra futuro&Passato Festival” (Pinerolo, Italy, February 2007);
- “Musica Nova 2005/2006” (Checkz Republic, 2006);
- ”Festival Luoghi Immaginari ...sulle ali del novecento” (Novi Ligure, Italy, 2005);
- “Torino SettembreMusica” Festival (Turin, Italy, September 2005);
- “2005 Sligo New Music Festival” (Ireland , April 2005);
- "Incontemporanea - Anteprima Festival 2004" (Ovada, Italy, August 2004);
- "Music Xtra Festival 2004" (Birmingham, U.K., March 2004);
- "2003 Spring Festival" (York, U.K., May 2003);
- "Musica Millemondi Festival /Eclettica 2003-Memorie Elettriche", Teatro Galleria Toledo (Naples, March 2003);
- "Musica Millemondi Festival" (Naples, May 1997).

Performances of works (selection of the most important ones):

- Clara Piano Trio (May 2012, Boston, USA);
- PrimRose Quartet (February 2012, Birmingham, U.K.);
- North/South Consonance, New York, May 2010;
- Portland Chamber Music Ensemble (2009, Portland, Maine, U.S.A.);
- Seinäjoki Chamber Music Ensemble (Finland, 2008);
- Left Coast Chamber Ensemble (San Francisco, 2007);
- Forum London Chamber Symphony (October 2007);
- Trio Debussy (Pinerolo, February 2007);
- Sichuan Conservatory Ensemble (Chengdu, China, May 2006);
- Componensemble (Budapest, Hungary, May 2006);
- Orquestra Simfonica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya on occasion of the First Prize at the "12th Premi Interacional de Composiciò Musical Ciutad de Tarragona-2004";
- Ensemble Europeo Antidogma Musica (Turin, 2005);
- Ixion Ensemble (London, 2005);
- Birmingham Chamber Ensemble (January 2005);
- Composers' Ensemble (Birmingham, 2004);
- Musicamorfosi" Ensemble (Seveso, Italy, 2004);
- Black Hair (York, 2003);
- Sori Quartet" (Seoul, 2003);
- Royal College of Music Contemporary Orchestra (London, 2002);
- Sinfonia 21 Ensemble (London, 2002);
- Contemporary Consort Ensemble (London, 2001-2002);
- Freon Ensemble (Rome, 2001);
- Escher Ensemble" under the conducting of Mauro Bonifacio (Milan, 2000);
- I Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra on occasion of the competition "Cinque Giovani Compositori per il Giubileo" (Milan, 2000);
- IV Cantiere di Musica Attuale Ensemble (Corropoli, 1999);
- Scuola Civica di Milano Ensemble, under the conducting of Renato Rivolta (Milan, 1999);
- Musicamorfosi ensemble (Milan, 1998);
- in 1998, in Milan , San Carlo Cinema, live performance of the soundtrack of the silent film "Frate Sole" (1918, Corsi/Falena) (piano, organ, solo soprano and choir "Hasta Madrigalis"), restored in collaboration with the Italian Film Library. The work was commissioned by the Cineteca Italiana.
His works have been performed also in Ovada, Alessandria, Reggio Emilia.

Commissions for the composition of works have been given by: “Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino”; “Tetracordo Cultural Association”; “Trio Debussy”; “DolciAure Consort”; “Associazione Musicale Mussinelli” in La Spezia; "Albatros Ensemble"; Michele Marelli; "Italian Film Library" for the re-writing of the music for the silent film "Frate Sole" (1918); "Musicamorfosi" ensemble; "Musica Millemondi Festival" - Naples; "A.Vivaldi Conservatory Ensemble" of Alessandria.

He is teacher at the Turin Conservatoire; he was teacher also at the Santa Cecilia Conservatoire in Rome, at the Castelfranco Veneto Conservatoire and at the Conservatoires of Piacenza, Adria, Mantua, Cosenza, Brescia and at the Civic School of Music in Turin.

Updated – February 2013

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