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Francesco Altieri
Francesco Altieri - Biography
Matera, 1972


E-mail: [email protected]

Francesco Altieri has a degree as a Organ performer and has recently completed Electronic Music diploma, by direction of M° Francesco Scagliola. He has participated in several national competitions, winning as a organist the of the National competition "Città di Viterbo" in 1997. He was granted the "Medaglia del Senato della Repubblica" at National Competion "Premio Giarda" in Rome. It ranking second in the Electronic Music National Competition of the "Onde Musicali" held in Taranto, Italy, in 2004, and ranking first in the same competition in 2005. Altieri often works in contemporary film productions and as a composer he champions mixed media experiments. As author he has received an Honorable Mention at "Premio delle Arti" Competition in April 2009. He is a Manager of Lab Sonic Recording Studio in Matera, and work for experimental music using mathematic and informatic for sound process.
He is particularly involved in modelling and informatics of composition processes and musical composition, both electroacoustic and instrumental; he strongly believes in research which leads him to building new electronic tools and his own techniques of algorithmic writing. Since year 2008, he teaches Sound Recording Tecnique at Conservatory of Music in Potenza.He is a member of Sin[x]Thésis, research and production group for the class in electronic music in his own Conservatory, founded and directed by F. Scagliola, with whom he has executed several concerts at home and abroad. In 2011 his work "DisFunzioni RiPercosse" has been selected for the Electroacoustic Call of the Federazione Cemat.

Updated to 11/2011