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activities - attività internazionali - irem 02-07 - 2002


IREM 2002

  9th International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music

Organized by CIM-Unesco
Danish National Radio
Swedish National Radio

Copenhagen - Malmö
May 21 - 26, 2002


"Studio 2" (2000) by the young Italian composer Emanuele Casale (born in 1974) is the work selected as most worthy of worldwide broadcasting by radio music producers and representatives of national electroacoustic music organisations participating in the 2002 International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music (IREM) held at Denmarks Radio in Copenhagen, May 22-24, 2002. The work, written for recorder (played by Antonello Politano) and tape, was elaborated in Catania and Rome; it was presented by Federazione CEMAT Progetto Sonora. Studio 2 is a short work (4'30") very lively and full of virtuosity, with a very close counterpoint between the instrumental and digital parts. Exceptionally, this composition was selected as most outstanding both in the general and in the young composers' category.
…the fetters of a dream by another young composer, Natasha Barrett (born in 1972) was recommended also in both categories. It was presented by Norwegian Radio.
Three other works by Luigi Ceccarelli (Italy), Pedro Ochoa (Argentina), and Wayne Siegel (Denmark) were also recommended for broadcasting by all participants and other broadcasters as well as for presentation in concert.
Founded by the International Confederation for Electroacoustic Music, the biennial IREM is organised by the International Music Council (IMC) with the active participation of the host broadcaster and the support of involved broadcasting and other music organisations. At this 9th session, a record number of 17 radio networks and 6 electroacoustic music organisations from Europe and both Americas presented 57 works. Michael Nyvang of Danish Radio chaired the listening sessions.
The purpose of this Rostrum is to promote electroacoustic music everywhere and to foster the exchange of works between broadcasting organisations, each participating radio undertaking to broadcast at leaast the selected and recommended works. Works chosen at the preceding IREM (2000) received close to 150 broadcasts.
The IMC also stages other Rostra in different parts of the world and for different purposes: the biennial Rostra of African Music, Arab Music, Asian Music, Latin American and Caribbean Music as well as the annual International Rostrum of Young Performers and the International Rostrum of Composers. The European Broadcasting Union lends its distribution, promotion and logistic support to these Rostra which all benefit from UNESCO support as well.
The IREM is held every second year in connection with a major contemporary music event; this year it coincided with the double Musikbro (Music Bridge) and Elektrisk Helg (Electronic Weekend) festivals taking place in the new cultural region of Copenhagen and Malmö, now united by a first-ever bridge between Denmark and Sweden. Producer Evanthore Vestergaard hosted the event on behalf of Danmarks Radio with the assistance of Sveriges Radio producer Erik Mikael Karlsson, himself a laureate of a previous IREM. The authors of the selected work and of the first recommended work were awarded the UNESCO Picasso-Miro Medal.
A first for the IREM, works presented could also be heard worldwide through the Danish Radio website with listeners invited to express their opinion.


Selected work:
Emanuele CASALE Studio 2
(Italy) for recorder and tape
Recommended works:
Natasha BARRETT …the fetters of a dream (Norway)
Luigi CECCARELLI In die Resurrectionis (Italy)
Pedro OCHOA El caminante (Argentina)
Wayne SIEGEL Burning River (Denmark)

Selected works:
Emanuele CASALE Studio 2 (Italy)
Recommended works:
Natasha BARRETT …the fetters of a dream (Norway)