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activities - attività internazionali - cime - icem 2004

ICEM 2004

03 November 2004

In the context of Progetto Musica 2004
Supported by the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali
And Municipality of Rome

Rome November 3 - Goethe-Institut Rom

Two Concerts of Electroacoustic Music
Presented by the associated members of ICEM Federation
Confédération Internationale de Musique Electroacoustique CIM-Unesco

Free entrance

6 pm First Concert

Alchemies, Idols and demons
Ana-Maria Avram (ROMANIA 1961) Horridas Nostrae Mentis Purga Tenebras (2000) 
Jakub Ciupinski (POLAND 1981) Makyo II (2003) 
Yves Coffy (FRANCE 1954) Chaman (extrait) (2001) 
Cecilia Garcia Gracia (CHILE 1968) Werika (2003) 
Signs of the nature, scents of the past
Alexandre Martinez Figuerola (SPAIN 1955) Trilogie les oiseaux part II: Les oiseaux (2002) 
Peter Ehrnrooth (SWITZERLAND 1956) Etude voilée (2002) 
Annette Vande Gorne (BELGIUM 1946) Ce qu'a vu le Vent d'Est (d'après Debussy) (2003) 

7.30 pm Presentation of the CD of the CALL "Punti d'ascolto"
 produced by Federazione CEMAT

Interventions of Gisella Belgeri, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, the authors Angelo Benedetti, Massimo Biasioni, Francesco Galante, Vincenzo Gualtieri, Elio Martusciello, Stefano Scarani, Stefano Trevisi, and other members of the jury. Coordinator Guido Barbieri.

9 pm Second concert 

The energy of Earth and of its instruments
Stefano Trevisi (ITALY 1974) Sattva (2003) 
Guan Peng (CHINA 1971) Dust (2004) 
Béla Faragó (HUNGARY 1961) Shadowsong (2002) 
Gustavo Delgado (ARGENTINA1976) Sounds coming from inside of… (2004) 
Beatrice Lasio (ITALY 1961) Vento di Ostro (2004) 
Miguel Azguime (PORTUGAL 1960) Le Dicible Enfin Fini (2003)


Federazione CEMAT presented to the audience two concerts of electroacoustic music including the most recent production of works selected by the national Federations associated to CIME (International Council of Electroacoustic Music). The concerts took place at Goethe-Institut Rom on November 3 in the context of Progetto Musica 2004 and was an ideal occasion to listen to the new creations of electroacoustic music produced in different countries. 
The CIME, founded in 1981 and based in France, promotes internationally all aspects of electroacoustic music by encouraging the creation of new works, the research, diffusion of compositions, pedagogy, meetings of its professionals. 
Every year the CIME in collaboration with its members organises concerts in order to diffuse the latest productions of the different countries. In this time CEMAT has proposed to the audience works coming from Argentina (Gustavo Delgado), Belgium (Annette Vande Gorne), Chile (Cecilia Garcia Gracia), China (Guan Peng), France (Yves Coffy), Hungary (Béla Faragó), Italy (Stefano Trevisi and Beatrice Lasio), Poland (Jakub Ciupinski), Portugal (Miguel Azguime), Romania (Ana-Maria Avram), Spain (Alexandre Martinez Figuerola) and Switzerland (Peter Ehrnrooth).
On this occasion at 7.30 pm the last issue of Federazione CEMAT, the CD "Punti d'ascolto", has been presented. The CD includes a selection of works recently produced by Italian composers and selected by a special jury. The CD, first issue of a new electroacoustic music series, was realised with the precious collaboration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. - Collection of Italian Contemporary Art at Farnesina that made the work by Matteo Basilé "31-12-99" (winner of New York Prize 2003/2004) available for the CD cover.