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activities - sonora - 2005 - strasbourg


03 May 2005

May 3rd

Italian New Music 
in collaboration with Italian Culture Institute of Strasbourg

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Strasburgo'antico mistero
Adriano Guarnieri: a musician for Pasolini

Dedica (Praeludium es-moll) (2000)
(1947) version for flute, violin and piano (2004) World Premiere
A Giacomo Manzoni o delle dissolvenze sonore
(from Poesiole notturne by P.P.Pasolini)
for amplified soprano and flute in G (1997)

Piccola anima 
(on texts by P.P.Pasolini, A.Gramsci, E.Che Guevara, T.Favalli) 
for soprano, flute and piano (1989)

...del mare infinito (from Medea)
for amplified bass flute (2004) 

Il glicine (on text by P.P.Pasolini)
for amplified voce, flute and violin (1993)

 Alda Caiello voice 
Annamaria Morini flute
Enzo Porta violin
Stefano Malferrari piano

Those who are familiar with the music of Adriano Guarnieri know only too well the close connection between the composer and the poetics of Pier Paolo Pasolini, a thirty-year-long link that is rooted in the musicality of Pasolini's verse, in its symbolical narrativity, semantic power and the terse prosody of Greek verse which enable the composer to work with analogous and specular musical phrases. A verse that unites in itself archaism and contemporaneity, the Alpha and Omega of that universe of sound which Guarnieri realizes in his music.
One returns to "searching for inspiration in the past", to that profound humanistic culture which is so evident in all Pasolini's poetry and through which Guarnieri rediscovers the concept of the sacred, understood as a search for hidden and obscure significances that are inherent in the creative work of an artist. Ethical and civil fervour bring the man to reflect on man, and the artist to become custodian of that knowledge which man has (or should have) of man.
An intense dialogue between two poetics from which springs a profuse array of compositions: A Giacomo Manzoni o delle dissolvenze sonore, Piccola anima, ....del mare infinito (from Medea) and Il glicine, together with the first world performance of Dedica (Praeludium es-moll) in the version for flute, violin and piano. The musicians playing the programmed works include "historic" performers of Guarnieri's music: Alda Caiello, Annamaria Morini, Enzo Porta and Stefano Malferrari.
(Alessandra Carlotta Pellegrini, in Sonora News n.15, p.3)