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activities - sonora - 2003 - bourges


11 June 2003

Solo concert
CLAUDIO JACOMUCCI, a c c o r d i o n
Lucio Garau, live electronics

Lucio Garau: Suite Op. 41 (2003) *
preludio -contrappunto -contemplazione -finale
for accordion, tape and live electronics

Gabriele Manca: Fados - Omaggio a Antero de Quental (2003) *
for accordion and tape

The work consists of five continuous pieces, that are "après-une-lecture-de" of romantic inspiration. Antero de Quental's melancholic and desperate poetry has no modesty, has not any technical, aesthetic or ironic barrier; it comes between the "bowels" of both the author and the reader; and the Fado has no barriers and no modesty too, it is pure feeling drawn to the limits of the bearable. This composition is a tribute to a great poet and its clear and direct desperation.
(Gabriele Manca)

Stefano Bonilauri: Solo IV (1998) * for accordion
One of the exclusive features of the accordion is its timbre fixity opposed to an extreme mobility on dynamics and rhythm, which is similar only to some electronics sounds. I tried to highlight the timbre characteristic to maintain compactness in a work that shows a large range of rhythmic-dynamical figures. (Stefano Bonilauri)

Salvatore Sciarrino: Vagabonde Blu (1998) for accordion
As the beam of a lighthouse, the sound appears and, suddenly, retires into the breath of silence. It multiplies and accumulates around quiescent orbits. The curvilinear space inhabited by sound induces the ear to explore the blind quarters of the orbit, to absorb the vibration of the memory rather than the image. As swarming meteors, short and acute sounds, clicking keys and roaming blows reorient the events in their field, up to dissolve expectation into the contemplation of emerging occurrences.
(Kathleen Delaney)

Arne Nordheim: Dinosaurus (1970) for accordion and tape
Dinosaurus is unduly the first electro acoustic work for the accordion. It was composed in 1970/71 when the sound of the accordion was almost exclusively related to folk sonorities. The work explores the new sound possibilities of the instrument used very experimentally by Nordheim to recreates a prehistoric world. Also the music elements on the tape consist of accordion sounds which melt into duet-like dialogues and masses of accumulation.

* world première

In collaboration with IMEB, Synthèse Festival