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activities - sonora - 2001 - bourges


10-13 June 2001

The members of the Bernini’s Quartet says that: “most of contemporary musical production is based not on quality but on quantity, and we can say the same for interpreters. For this reason we acquired a “ first sight” to recognize good scores which communicate something to the audience. In addition, we play the music of intelligible compositors who know the instrument they are writing for». This is the case of Michelangelo Lupone, who set up a profitable collaboration with the Bernini’s Quartet since 1998: an advanced research of technique, graphical symbols and resonant effects of contemporary music, which gave to the group an expressive awareness. The Quartet works also with authors like Cristiano Serino e Ada Gentile; besides, they are recording the whole quartet works by Luciano Berio and Luigi Nono.

Roberto Fabbriciani, an original and versatile musical interpreter, innovated the technique of flute through an audacious, total and creative musical approach which multiplies the resonant possibilities of the instrument. Luigi Nono wrote that: «he was “a new provocation” because of his infinite ways of inventing and discovering the flute». Fabbriciani contributed to the progress of flute’s technique in the XX Century through his capacity of completing the thought of the composer to valorize the executory possibilities of the operas. Because of this capacities and of his attention to the contemporary music, Roberto Fabriciani collaborated with the most important compositors of our age, who dedicated their works to him: Bussotti, Cage, Castiglioni, Clementi, Donatoni, Ferneyhough, Kurtag, Morricone, Nono, Petrassi, Rihm, Sciarrino, Stockhausen, Takemitsu.