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activities - sonora - 2001 - goteborg


08 October 2001

This concert is the result of joint work on the part of the composers with Ensemble Ars Ludi and flautist Gianni Trovalusci. The percussion instruments are not used in the traditional way and the flute likewise reaches a dimension of timbre very different from its usual sound. In the piece by Nicola Sani, for instance, the electronics become a filter of the present, reproducing the sounds of contemporary life, distorted, amplified, in a continuous explosive relationship between conflicting dynamics and states of mind. The sound material is literally projected towards a critical vision of reality and an awareness (also in the use of sounds) of our social condition.
The piece by Battistelli, Orazi e Curiazi is instead set in fantasy, narrating one of the most fascinating legends of ancient Rome, adopting concrete and metaphysical sounds, the timbre and rhythm of the percussion instruments, the bodies and voices of the two performers.