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activities - sixe - suono italiano per l'europa

SIXE - Suono Italiano per l'Europa

The project "Suono italiano per l'Europa" was launched under the patronage of the European Union Youth Orchestra. EUYO has been grouping since 25 years in a big symphonic orchestra the best musicians coming from the EU countries selected at national auditions. The Italian auditions are announced every year by RAI-RadioTelevisioneItaliana, with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole.

Some years ago, thanks to an initiative of Federazione CEMAT, it was possible to highlight the role of the Italian musicians members of European Youth Orchestras organising advanced training courses of chamber music with final concerts. The first venue was Santa Severina in Calabria, a delightful small town, also called Stony Ship because of the presence of a massive castle, where the Municipality decided to host the musicians. The training courses have been given by Jan Latham Koenig, Marcello Bufalini, Judith Hall, Max Sommerhalder, Silvano Scanziani, Alina Company, Pietro Scalvini, Andrea Fossà, Italo Gomez, Gianpio Mastrangelo, Peter Maxwell Davies, Marco Angius. The group is composed of about thirty highly talented musicians, on the average twenty years old, coming from various Italian regions. Smaller groups, that have been created within the ensemble, have given concerts and taken part in tours (Janacek Festival in Moravia, "IX Settimana dei Beni Culturali" in Rome, Autunno Musicale in Como, "Rimsky Korsakov" Conservatory of Music in Saint Petersburg, events promoted by "Sport e Cultura per la Pace" and "Bicentenario Luigi Boccherini" National Commettees). The documentary "Anno Zero", a report of the project, was produced in 2001 and followed by "Un Capodanno di Musica" and "Terra e Musica" by the film-maker Theo Eshetu.