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Istituto GRAMMA

GRAMMA Institute was founded in L'Aquila 1989 in order to promote contemporary music through the most advanced forms of performance and research.
The Institute, seated in a church of the eighteenth century no more used for worship, disposes of workshops and studies of musical productions able to work on the sound to the maximum standards from the numerical synthesis to the sound analysis and development in real and posponed time. The sectors in which the GRAMMA Institute works are musical productions, orchestral activity, scientific and musical search, training and didactics. Besides, one of the search lines has as purpose the planning and realization of innovated systems for the sound propagation (Wave Guide, Reflecting Screen, Spheroid) and sound installations (Sound garden) to enrich the listening forms. The sophisticated technologies and the capacities placed to disposal by host compositors and interpreters has permitted to produce complex works and performances, of high aesthetic technical task (Il Mondo di sopra, di sotto, di dentro - 1997, Metamorfosi dei corpi - 1998, Contrapunctus - 1999). The GRAMMA Institute has an important technological heritage dedicated to the search and production of multimedia works and avails itself of a scientific and artistic staff formed by several teacher from University and Conservatories.

The didactic activity represents one of the remarkable angles of the work done. With the biennal event LA TERRA FERTILE, it realizes meetings and conferences dedicated both to the training of young musicians and to the professional specialisation in informatics disciplines applied to the music: composition, interpretation and performance, sound restoration. The task and experience matured in planning and realization of concerts with high artistic and technological outline come true in the International Contemporary Music Event CORPI DEL SUONO. Every year, the event proposes a large review of works, many of them ordered and produced by GRAMMA Institute, and of musicians selected all over the world on the ground of the themes and linguistic and interpretative innovations. The continuity of the event has allowed to explore some works not known in our country, in their spectacular forms, in order to contribute to the propagation, among the great public, of aspects, tendencies and instruments that renew the concret meaning and his listening.

Istituto GRAMMA
Via degli Scardassieri, 14 - 67100 L'Aquila
Ph.: +39 0862 40.12.09 / 414308
Fax: +39 0862 41.29.50
web site:
e-mail: [email protected]


La Terra Fertile - Sassari 2010