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Federazione CEMAT (Music Art Technology - Federation of Italian Electroacoustic Music Centers), was founded  by Gisella Belgeri in 1996, with the purpose of promoting the activity of italian computer music research and production centers. In 1999 the Italian Ministry of Culture recognized CEMAT as Institution for National Contemporary Music Promotion and their role implies an articulated action, that spans all through the contemporary music field.

Federazione CEMAT has achieved important results in the following tasks:

  • the promotion of the activities of research and production centres with public and private institutions, both in Italy and abroad;
  • the promotion of Italian electroacoustic and computer music through workshops, tutorials, meetings, pubblications, CDs, CD Roms, DVDs and documentaries;
  • the support of activities of young musicians and composers, both in Italy and abroad, in order to create a large repertoire of classical and contemporary music (SIXE);
  • the promotion of Italian New Music abroad (SONORA Project).

Federazione CEMAT is member of C.I.M.E. (Confédération Internationale de Musique Electroacoustique-C.I.M.Unesco) and member of the ECPNM (European Conference of Promoters of New Music). Cemat is also member of Federculture and AIAM-Associazione Italiana Attività Musicali.
In brief, the mission that Federazione CEMAT started with (partly coming from Musica Duemila Project, 1994-6), i.e. to make organically visible the great legacy of Italian Contemporary music, was constanly and gradually projected, with results that now can be analyzed by numbers. The uniqueness of many of the projects carried on in the last years is easily seen, particularly in the field of contemporary music and in backing of young musicians.
A great resource of Federazione CEMAT is the experience of the associates and of the staff, that was built on the basis of different but linked professional values.

The huge range of instruments used for promotion and for relationships developing aims to obtain a high quality standard in scientific and musical productions and collaborations.