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Laura Bianchini
"...Nell'aria o sulla terra?"
per Tubo sonoro, Flauto e Live electronics

Durata: 11:00
1 Esecuzione: Goeteborg, GAS Festival - 2001

The work is based on the dialectic of alternation of two elements: earth and air, matter and spirit, breath and sound. The development foresees a process of transformation, or better of metamorphosis, of the air into sound which involves particular techniques of sound emission, especially for the brass pipes.
Because of their physical structure few possibilities of sound emission with sound pipes are possible but great richness in timbre can be obtained only trough small variations of the position and pressure of the lips.
The transformation of the coarse sound of the pipes (one low fundamental frequency with a great number and floating resonances) to the well tuned sound of the flute is the result of a progressive process of transformation obtained with electronic devices controlled by the performer and pre-recorded electronic sounds sequences.
The work has been produced and realized at CRM - Centro Ricerche Musicali of Rome and has been written for the GAS Festival of Göteborg.