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activities - sonora - 2007 - rome sonor'art

Rome SONOR'Art

24 March 2007

Farnesina Porte Aperte

Ministry for Foreign Affairs, CRM Centro Ricerche Musicali

Rome, March 24, 2007

Palazzo della Farnesina
MAE Ministero degli Affari Esteri

10.00 am - 3.00 pm   
Guided tour to the Italian Contemporary Art Collection of the Farnesina

Art sound installations
Planofoni® and Varianti in Vetro by Michelangelo Lupone

Here are shown two art sound installations, created by Michelangelo Lupone, based on Planofoni: Ala aperta and Sorgenti sospese, both made of harmonic wood, cedar and fir - Stradivari (the one used for string instruments). Materials, form and dimensions of these installations were projected to obtain both deep transformations of tone colour and a lively sound movement.

Ala aperta  (presented in world première) Is characterized by an analytic and reflective musical writing that analyzes the deepest sound transformations: from the chaotic micro particles of vibrations to the ordered profiles of the harmonics, from the short and isolated impulse to the long sound continuum. 

Vice versa Sorgenti sospese is lively and dialoguing, with sounds moving and placing themselves in a visitors route longer than 30 metres. Every single thing, the alternate tone colours, the variety of the rhythms and of the pitch, contribute to focus the visitor's attention on the sound of the place. The music takes part, in a non-invasive way, in the creation of an environment that complements visual inputs with sound ones, ,architectonical volumes and sound temporal mutations.
Planofoni® are vibrating systems based on different forms and materials. They are not loudspeakers, but they spread the sound with timbre and temporal characteristics that depend on the structure of the materials, on the geometric forms, on the curvatures of the surface and on the volumes.

Art sound installation Varianti in vetro is based on glass resonators with different forms and dimensions which could fill every part of the human sound spectrum. Light transparency and reflection are brought towards the sound field, in order to build a plastic and musical whole: the peculiar resonance of glass lets the highest frequencies, those harmonics that usually sound to the listener as a light and indefinite reverberation, stand out. The variety of forms and geometric quality of the resonators, the different ways of excitation and resonance, make of this installation a sort of delicate orchestra which lengthens the persistency of sounds and revolves them discreetly and with richness of details. The installation diffuses music by different Italian composers.


Production CRM 
in cooperation with con Arte e Restauro del Vetro, Rome

Guido Baggiani Ka-hal (excerpt) 
Luciano Berio Thema (homage to Joyce)
Laura Bianchini Nell'aria o sulla terra? (version for support) 
Riccardo Bianchini Klimt (excerpt) 
Michelangelo Lupone Incanto 
Franco Evangelisti Incontri di fasce sonore 
Emanuele Casale Composizione per 4  
Giorgio Colombo Taccani Secondo notturno 
Giovanni Cospito Teogonia ellittica III: Caos, Gea, Eros 
Riccardo Dapelo Et in luce requiescas 
James Dashow Archimede, Act I, scene I 
Maria Cristina De Amicis Voice Leben
Agostino Di Scipio 5 piccoli ritmi
Francesco Galante Retroscena, memoria di una voce 
Francesco Giomi D8 
Maurizio Giri Quaderni 5 (excerpt) 
Domenico Guaccero Cmpsz 2 
Bruno Maderna Musica su due dimensioni 
Alessandro Melchiorre D'istanti 
Andrea Nicoli Strati sottili - infranti - muovono 
Luigi Nono La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura - Leggio I 
Giorgio Nottoli Ruota del tempo 
Paolo Pachini La curasse du crabe central 
Maurizio Pisati Spiegelkontaktfabrik 
Teresa Rampazzi La cattedrale 
Nicola Sani I binari del tempo 
Francesco Scagliola Clause mates. El mar del tempo 
Giancarlo Schiaffini Canzon gerundia 
Domenico Sciajno SK 2005 
Fausto Sebastiani Ascolto 
Michele Tadini Scenario 
Giovanni Verrando Discanto 
Mauro Bagella Una dolcezza inquieta (excerpt)