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activities - sonora - 2007 - sarajevo sonor'art

Sarajevo SONOR'Art

04-24 May 2007

A travel in Italian Arts 1950-80. 100 works from the Collection "Farnesina"


4-24 May 2007

National Gallery (Umjetnicka galerija BiH)

4 May 4.30 pm 

Opening of the exhibition
curated by: Maurizio Calvesi and Lorenzo Canova

Riflessi (Reflections)
Art sound installation based on sound projectors
Concept and works by Michelangelo Lupone
Production and realization Centro Ricerche Musicali - CRM 

The installation "Riflessi", conceived by Michelangelo Lupone for the diffusion of Domenico Guaccero's electroacoustic works on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his death, was later adapted by the composer for the diffusion of his own works.
The sound sources on the ceiling utilize reflection paraboloids in order to generate radiation lobes which can be dynamically checked. The sound sources are 16 and divide the listening space into a thick web of crossings that allow rapid sound movements and linear trajectories.
Riflessi was conceived to allow a better control of vertical sound movements and the timbre dislocation of sources.
Given the particular collocation of the installation, the listener can locate himself on various sides. The audience can move around it and the music can be listened to on 4 channels in a multiphonic way.

The art sound installations, conceived by the composer Michelangelo Lupone, produced and realized by CRM (Centro Ricerche Musicali, Rome), a member of Federazione CEMAT, are works that combine music and instruments for the diffusion of sound, the scene and listening space. They represent one of the innovations of the contemporary musical language because they started a more general process of transformation of the listening and composition ways.
The installation are based on a research project developed in the 90s by CRM: the vibration characteristics of the matter (Planofoni®), and the propagation of sound waves (Resonators and Wave guides).

The Foreign Minister's Under-secretary Famiano Crucianelli, the General Ambassador of Itally Alessandro Fallavollita, the curator of the exhibition Lorenzo Canova and the responsible for Concetta Branciamore were present at the vernissage in Sarajevo. CEMAT has been represented by its President Gisella Belgeri and by the Artistic Secretary Gianni Trovalusci together with the composers Michelangelo Lupone and Laura Bianchini.