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activities - sonora - 2008 - beograd musica in forma

Beograd Musica in Forma

03 April 2008

Ministry for National Education - Musical and Artistic High Formation
Conservatory of L'Aquila - Department of Music and New Technologies 
Federazione Cemat - Sonora



7 pm - Palazzo Italia

Art sound installation by Michelangelo Lupone, composer,and Licia Galizia, visual artist

Project promoted by Italian Culture Institute of Belgrade  

curated by CRM - Centro Ricerche Musicali 

Responsible for production and artistic coordination 
Laura Bianchini
Scientific direction Lorenzo Seno
Assistant to the project Emanuela Mentuccia
Researchers Marco Giordano, Maria Clara Cervelli, 
Fabio Graziosi, Carlo Cecati
Artistic Assistants Walter Cianciusi, Carlo Laurenzi
Production Assistants Beatrice Lasio, Silvia Lanzalone, Domenico Massari

MUSICA IN FORMA is an art sound installation by composer Michelangelo Lupone e by visual artist LICIA GALIZIA, created on a commission from Italian Culture Institute of Belgrade, and presented for the first time in the same place on April, 3, 2008.
The installation is composed by four great art works (Suono sfiorato, Trio Plastico, In coro, Studio II su Volumi adattivi) and is based on innovative technologies called Planofoni®, developed at CRM in Rome. Planofoni® are vibing interactive systems made up with panels of different materials (such as wood, copper and iron) that spread sounds with different results depending on the structure of the material, on the geometry of the design, on the orientation and on the curvature of the surfaces, on the plastic volumes. 
The four works could complement each other thanks to the interaction with the public and could adapt themselves to environmental factors
The exhibition will be open until April, 28, 2008.