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activities - sonora - 2002 - helsinki


25-26 February 2002

25-26 febbraio 2002

SONORA - Federazione CEMAT
Istituto Italiano di Cultura - Helsinki
Centre for Music & Technology Sibelius Academy, Helsinki
Edison Studio

with the kind cooperation of the Finnish Embassy in Rome

Ateneum-Sali Kaivok, 2 Helsinki, FINLAND

February, 26th, 2002

The Return of Tuuli (Tuulin Paluu)
film-documentary directed by Silvia Di Domenico, Giulio Latini, Marco Rovetto, 2001
Music by Alessandro Cipriani
Produced by Navert-Lang-Di Domenico-Latini-Rovetto

This work was filmed in Lapland. The music was created by electroacoustic elaboration of oral tradition chants of the Sami people, the people of Lapland. The story of a finnish woman, living in Italy who returns to her roots and to the extraordinary beauty of her country.
Pekka Aikio, the President of the Sami Parliament will talk about Sami people and culture before the projection.

sound diffusion, Alessandro Cipriani

February, 25-26th 2002

Sibelius Academy - Centre for Music & Technology

Alessandro Cipriani (professor at "Scuola di Musica Elettronica" - Conservatory of Catania)
Giulio Latini (professor at "Theory and Techniques of New Media" Dept. University of Rome "Tor Vergata")
- Granular synthesis: theory and practice. The use of GS in "The Return of Tuuli"
- Electroacoustic music and oral tradition music in "The Return of Tuuli"
- Relation between sound and images in "The Return of Tuuli".