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Sonora News

Sonora ­ New Italian Music in Europe - is organizing a three year program for the presentation of new Italian music. These concerts take place at Italian Cultural Institutes throughout Europe. It is a Festival of many locations under one organization that will be promoted extensively through new systems of communication and the Internet.

It has been sponsored by CEMAT, whose relationships with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dipartimento dello Spettacolo of the Ministry of Culture have been instrumental in bringing this offering into being. Nicola Sani is the artistic director.

For the past years CEMAT has been promoting all forms of new music in Italy through its network of allied Centres for Electro-Acoustic Music and it sees this project as a way to promote new Italian music throughout Europe. We are proposing, to those interested in this project, concerts containing many first performances of new pieces of an experimental nature.

Different styles of music for different types of concerts can be chosen. After all, even within the bounds of contemporary music, the needs of Skraep in Denmark differ from those of Inventionen in Berlin or Warsaw Autumn in Poland or Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. All concerts can be linked to exhibits, video projection, master classes on a variety of aspects of modern music and sound installations (such as the installation of Olophones in Lyon. We would like to thank the artists involved in this project for their support which is still operating on a limited budget. Our artists agree that the scope of these events are both educational and promotional and give them an opportunity to present their own music to a wider audience.

Gisella Belgeri

The reasons of a project

In 1998, pursuant to winning the Erato ­ Farnesina Prize given by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I was able to become involved with the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin. This happy collaboration gave birth to Sonora whose aim is to promote the incredibly vital Italian new music scene.

The last few years in Italy have seen the growth of interest in new performance techniques and new musical creations. Unfortunately, these new concepts could remain excluded from the mainstream of new international music due to the lack of vehicles, present in other modern societies, that permit artists to bring their music to other countries and other audiences.

Contemporary music can live and grow only if it is shared, exchanged and cross pollinated. The structure afforded by the Italian Cultural Institutes can work as a network that, if properly used, will bring the work of new Italian contemporary composers to the attention of the world. These Institutes can also promote these concerts to other organizations, something that has been lacking in the Italian new music scene

In order to fill this gap, Sonora was born. It will help promote our artists not only through the above mentioned cultural institutes, but also through important gatherings where new music is created and performed. We will also strive to disseminate information and create an international circuit for new music, a circuit that is sorely needed in the musical world

Nicola Sani