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activities - patronages - suono sonda 2012 - luci riflesse

Suono Sonda 2012 - Luci Riflesse

15 October 2010


SuonoSonda is a half-yearly research review whose mission is to study the most innovative features of recent music.
In its layout and format it has the typical traits of literary reviews, but its 'musical center' is often to be found in a CD of about 60 minutes contained within the review and accompanied by one or more pocket scores of musical numbers selected among those presented. The review features interviews and contributions conceived in many varied ways, where every musician can freely illustrate his/her creative activity and present his/her specific work in the CD.
The review also contains a space more closely devoted to essays, where the theme of each individual issue is developed; each issue does have a particular theme. The intent of the theme is just to stimulate the imagination and it is intentionally placed at the margin, to avoid limiting in any way the free blooming of critical and creative spaces.

The musical research review SuonoSonda, in collaboration with Edizioni Joker, announces the Second International Music Composition, Creation and Critique Competition.
The competition shall take place every two years and it is open to musicians of all nationalities without age limits.
The purpose of the competition is to provide every emerging musician and artist with the opportunity to participate in the construction of the thirteenth issue of SuonoSonda entitled “REFLECTED LIGHTS”.
Prizes for the best compositions in each section will consist of the arrangement of audio recordings and publication on CD, discussion and promotion of projects for open source musical software, publication of critical articles, literary pages and creative photographs whose topic is freely related to the title of the XIII issue and of the competition. In particular, the winning score for the 1st Section will be published, played and recorded at our recording studio (Loud Music) by renowned instrumentalists who will also be members of the judging panel. The authors and/or performers of all winning musical pieces will be specifically interviewed by prominent personalities in the music scene; the interviews will be published on the review. SuonoSonda will promote the winning works as much as possible by publications on its websites, presentations and national and international radio/video broadcasts, dissemination among music archives and the libraries of Conservatories and Universities in Italy and abroad.
Each winner shall be presented with 5 (five) copies of the issue.

Expiry date: 1st August 2012