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activities - patronages - sincronie remix 2011


Call for works, music Composition and Production competition

15 October 2011

Sincronie and
under the patronage of Federazione Cemat


We received remixes from five european countries, dealing with an elaboration of Fausto Romitelli's composition "Nell'alto dei giorni immobili" (1990).
The general high level of the presented works made the jury's selecting process more difficult than expected. In the end the following four remixes were chosen:

Diego Capoccitti (IT) "Dall'alto dei giorni immobili (remix)"
Neil Kaczor (UK) "After Fausto"
Andrea Mancianti (IT) "We Are Lost"
WK569 (IT) "Exurdans Eclipsis FD4"

These works together with the original recording go Romitelli's composition will be published in the second album of our vinyl collection am002.
At the web page it is possible to listen to a selection of the best non winner remixes.

Associazione Culturale Sincronie and are glad to announce the SINCRONIE REMIX International Competition for music Composition and Production, aimed at putting the techniques and the approach behind electronic music (including dance and commercial genres) in contact with one of the most interesting outcomes of the musical tradition of the 1900s: the music of Fausto Romitelli.
The Competition focuses on the remixing of "Nell'alto dei giorni immobili", for six instruments, composed by Fausto Romitelli in 1990 and will see its fulfilment in the printing of the second vinyl record in the series produced by and Sincronie, containing Romitelli’s hitherto unpublished piece and the winners’ remixes.
The realisation of an event during the 2011 or 2012 Sincronie Festival to present the winning pieces, possibly featuring the award-winning authors, is currently being examined.
All subscribers shall win a copy of the vinyl record as a participation prize

Fausto Romitelli (1963–2004)
He started his musical career in Milan’s Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi and subsequently moved to Siena’s Chigiana academy and from there to Paris’s Ircam, where he c ollaborated as compositeur en recherche. That is where he met Gérard Grisey and the musical movement the latter represented, the so-called spectralism, with which Romitelli established fruitful contacts.
The composer’s music was therefore born in an academic environment and then moved on to be contaminated by the world of rock, electronics and techno music.
His expressive language is best synthesized by epoch-making works such as “Professor Bad Trip I, II, III” and “An Index of Metals”, currently performed and acclaimed all over the world.

The remixing practice was born between the Sixties and the Seventies in Jamaican dancehalls, where formerly vinyl-released music would be proposed in alternative versions by adding effects, using loops on tape or live-mixing more copies of the same vinyl (the so-called dubplates).
Taking its cue from virtuoso hiphop producers and DJs in the Seventies, from house DJ sets in the Eighties, up to the birth of breakbeat or BigBeat sampledelic virtuosity, the remix has enjoyed a great success within dance music and has managed to make pop-music (or music belonging to older styles) unrecognizable, developing the musical potential that one could only catch a glimpse of in the original mix.
The practice of working with effects or on the volumes of an original mix of a piece of music and give birth to new versions of it – maybe thinking about a different kind of audience or situations such as dancing or radio programs – along with the opportunity of fragmenting, remounting the original piece, adding elements or instrumental parts that were not present in the original version, soon spread in the world of Pop songs too, where remixes became functional to widening the audience of the music. Remixes by prominent remixers such as Howie B or Fatboy Slim actually became more famous than the original music they were taken from.

Why remix a piece of contemporary music?
Remixing an instrumental piece of traditionally classical music means, on one side, stimulating new thinking around the composition of written music by putting it in contact with those technologies and practices of the music culture surrounding us.
On the other side, it means drawing non-classical electronic music producers towards contemporary music sound materials. Meanwhile, the competition means to create the institutional opportunity of driving the creativity and pleasure of playing with sound in the direction of a world - that of contemporary music - which is still untouched by the practice or the thought of remixing possibilities.

The call is open exclusively to members of Associazione Culturale Sincronie, to which one subscribes automatically by paying the competition registration fee of 30 (thirty) Euros, regardless of one’s age or nationality.

Candidates shall have to submit one or maximum two remixed versions of Fausto Romitelli’s "Nell'alto dei giorni immobili" that will be made available, to those who register, in a WAV stereo format. The piece’s execution, performed during the 1994 Sincronie Festival by Finnish ensemble Zagros, shall be the same version to be featured on the vinyl album that is part of the competition’s award. Remixes shall be presented in the form of electronic pieces of music, whose duration shall be no shorter than 5 minutes and no longer than 8 minutes.
Although the remixing practice is eminently linked to the dance culture, this is not a dance music competition. Therefore, acknowledgement shall be given to those who will prove to be able to use the supplied materials so as to create music that shall maintain a certain degree of recognisability even when developing the original musical suggestions beyond genres and styles.

1 - listen to F.Romitelli’s piece of music in its high-quality mp3 format on the subscription page;
2 - send an e-mail to [email protected] stating your intention to participate to the competition, indicating
name and surname of entrant and a valid email address (when different from sender’s).
Your statement is not binding.
In return, you will receive an email with an internet address where to download F.Romiteli's work in WAV
3 - if you haven’t already, open up a free-membership SoundCloud account on which you may upload your
remixed versions.
A maximum number of two versions are allowed in this competition;
4 - subscription to the competition occurs after having paid the registration fee, which includes membership
to Associazione Sincronie, in one of the following ways:
• with a 30-Euro bank transfer - writing “membership and competition” in the reason for payment - to:
SINCRONIE via Pola, 19 Milano
Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria
IBAN IT 10 A 05048 01693 000000081412
• by paying 31.37 Euros (i.e. the 30-Euro subscription fee + a 1.37-Euro PayPal commission) from the subscription page
5 - send an e-mail to [email protected] indicating:
• name and surname of entrant
• payment details;
• your SoundCloud page’s address
• the title of your remix or remixes (maximum two);
6 - wait for an email specifying that you have been selected and containing instructions as to how to send your
selected remix to Sincronie in the best quality format possible (CD quality, 44.1 kHz/16 bit, at least), which
shall have to be sent within a week.

Those who will not have sent an email containing their SoundCloud address from where to listen to their remix within 12:00hrs of September 15, 2011, shall be excluded from the competition.
Furthermore, the following cannot take part in the competition:
• the members of the jury
• those who have taken part in the drafting of the call
• members of Sincronie’s and’s governing council.

Until July 30, 2011, queries regarding the call may exclusively be forwarded via e-mail to [email protected]. Answers shall be collected and published in the FAQ section on the relevant page concerning the present competition, on Sincronie’s website.

The jury shall select up to four winning remixes.
The competition’s results shall be published on the official website of the event and on on October 1, 2011 and shall be announced via email to all participants.

The prize of the competition is the publication of the selected remixes in the “am002” vinyl album along with the recording of Fausto Romitelli’s "Nell'alto dei giorni immobili".

A selection of candidate works, to the sole discretion of the jury, may be published on the competition‘s official website. All participants (winners and non) shall receive a participation prize of a copy of the vinyl.*

Projects shall be selected by an international jury of professionals whose decisions shall be final and unquestionable. The jury is composed as follows:
• Michele Coralli (journalist, director of
• Mario Garuti (composer)
• Geert-Jan Hobjin (soundartist, founder of Staalplaat)
• Riccardo Nova (composer, member of Sincronie’s governing council)
• Tom Pauwels (artistic advisor of Ictus Ensemble and guitarist)
• Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner (conceptual artist, writer and musician)
• Massimiliano Viel (composer, member of Sincronie’s governing council, member of otolab)

The deadline within which to send the email with the requested details has been set to September 15, 2011. 15/09/2011.

By sending the email stating the intention to participate in the competition, the entrants untertake not to use the materials of Fausto Romitelli 's "Nell'alto dei giorni immobili" for other purposes than those related to the competition.
Entrants must hold the copyright to their added materials, other than Romitell’s piece supplied by the Organization, thus assuming all liability in connection with any breach of copyright and committing to hold harmless the Organizing body's defenses to the charges in court.
By accepting the terms of the competition, entrants accept all rules and notes in the call and authorize the Organization to publish - in any format or support and with purposes of awarding, promoting and disseminating the activities of Sincronie and - the submitted music.
Moreover, entrants declare to have nothing to claim as remuneration for the use, on behalf of the Organization, of their music in accordance to the above-mentioned purposes.
Personal details supplied by entrants, required for the purposes related to the competition, shall be treated in accordance with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, and shall only be communicated to third parties for reasons connected to the competition itself.
The Data Controller of documents and personal details shall be: Associazione Culturale Sincronie, Via Pola, 19, Milan.

The Organization reserves the right to cancel or suspend the competition for any reason, including causes beyond its control. The Organization assumes no liability for any problems or technical, informatic or natural mishap preventing the loading, the receipt and evaluation of projects of entrants.
The Organization reserves the right to change the contents of this call for works at any time, with appropriate notice on the official website of Sincronie (
By participating in the competition, the authors of the works accept all the points in the present announcement.

info: [email protected]