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activities - sixe - suono italiano per l'europa - 2005 - milan


26 May 2005 - 13 June 2005

Celebration of Luigi Boccherini's bicentenary

Festival Internazionale Autunno Musicale a Como - Federazione CEMAT/SIXE

On 28 May 2005 falls Luigi Boccherini's bicentenary of his death. The Italian composer, considered by many critics as the quintessential European, worked and lived mostly in Spain, while also writing for patrons in France and Germany. He gave a fundamental contribution to the affirmation of musical classicism by establishing new instrumental formations like symphonies and also string quartet, quintet and sextet and many others which are the essentials of nowadays chamber music.
The influence of Italian music, together with the elements of the international cultural heritage he acquired during his stay in cities like Milan, Paris, Vienna, Potsdam and Madrid make of Boccherini a leading international figure in the European cultural and musical world.

Unfortunately, nowadays his musical creativity is not still appreciated in its appropriate dimension, while his contemporaries regarded him very highly paying much attention to his works, judging from the quantity of editorial production published during his lifetime.
The National Committee Boccherini, has been recently launched by a joint venture of Municipality of Lucca and Festival Autunno Musicale a Como and approved at the Italian Parliament to promote artistic activities about this great composer in Italy and abroad.

In the frame of these events the ensemble "SIXE - Suono Italiano per l'Europa", a project created and run by Federazione CEMAT, featuring highly gifted young Italian musicians, will give a series of spring concerts.
On this special occasion the ensemble takes up the name CONCERTO BOCCHERINI as their activities will focus on advanced training in order to enhance the musical production of the classical period.

The three concerts scheduled in Rome and Milan offer a collection of musical rarities highlighting the genius of the Italian composer.


"Boccherini musicista europeo"
From chamber music to symphonies 

Milan, May 26, 2005 - 6.00 pm
Associazione Nazionale Amici della Scala

Hommage to Luigi Boccherini 

Quintet op. 18 n° 1 (G. 283) "La Nina" in A. min.
Sextet op. 23 n° 6 (G. 459) in F. maj. 

"Concerto Boccherini"
Ensemble of Suono Italiano per l'Europa (SIXE) 
Proposed on the occasion of the Celebrations in honour of Boccherini

Daniela Cammarano, Massimiliano Canneto violin 
Saleem Anichini, Giuseppe Rutigliano viola 
Gabriele Ardizzone, Giulia Avitabile cello 

Orchestration by Italo Gomez 

Milan, May 28, 2005 - 9 pm
Auditorium di Milano -
Largo Gustav Mahler 

Concertante Symphonies
Symphonies, concertante ones in particular, are rehearsed first and performed then as an expansion of Boccherini's composing techniques, in an orchestration without conductor. 

Symphony (G 512) F maj. (1782) 
Concerto op. 7 n. 2 (G 491) A Maj. (1769) 
Symphony op. 37 n. 1 (G 515) A Magg. (1786) 
Symphony op. 45 (G 522) B Magg. (1792) 

"Concerto Boccherini
Daniela Cammarano, Massimiliano Canneto, Jacopo Ciammarughi, Maria Vittoria Crotti, Stefano Rimoldi 
Mattea Saladino, Elia Senese, Enrico Vacca violin
Federico Serafin, Saleem Anichini viola
Tommaso Tesini, Giulia Avitabile cello
Alessandro Terlizzi  doble bass
Mattia Petrilli  flute
Guido Gualandi, Simone Sommerhalder  oboe
Giuseppe Russo, Dario Lo Re  horn
Carmen Maccarini, Paolo Valsecchi bassoon

Milan, June 13, 2005 - 9 pm
Teatro Dal Verme 
Via San Giovanni sul Muro 2

From works for trio to septet

By proposing duets we can easily compare Boccherini's works for cello and bass with Manfredi's, who composed for violin and bass, following the same methods; string trios, in the formation of two violins and cello, are very frequent in Boccherini's early works, but also in his late production, though it is nowadays considered an obsolete form.

(1) Trio G. 80 in D Maj. (op. 1 n° 4) - (1760)
for 2 violins and cello
Adagio - Allegro con spirito - Fuga. Allegro

(2) Quintetto "La Nina" G. 283 in C Min. (op. 18 n° 1) - (1774)
for 2 violins, viola, 2 cellos
Moderato - Grave - Minuetto - Allegro assai

(3) Sestetto G. 459 in F Maj. (op. 23 n° 6) - (1776)
for 2 violins, 2 viola, 2 cellos
Andantino - Allegro assai - Minuetto - Trio - Prestissimo

(4) Divertimento G. 461 in D Maj. (op. 16 n° 1) - (1772)
for flute, 2 violins, viola, 2 cellos, double bass
Andantino - Allegro - Minuetto - Trio - Prestissimo

"Concerto Boccherini"
Daniela Cammarano, Massimiliano Canneto violins
Giuseppe Rutigliano, Saleem Anichini viola
Andrea Favalessa (4) Gabriele Ardizzone (2) (3)
Giulia Avitabile, Tommaso Tesini  (1) cello
Stella Sorgente double bass

Luciano Tristaino flute

Orchestration by Italo Gomez 



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